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For the past several years, we have been using embroidery software in SEW many ways. As we have tried new things,we have learned quite a few tips and tricks that make it easy to be creative. Now we are ready to share it with the world.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It's always exciting to be around other people who love embroidery software. Last week you and I were able to meet with other people in our company in London England where our software is developed. It was so much fun to discuss what we love about embroidery software and what we would like to see in the future. I was talking to Lena Kantis, who some of you may know from other blogs, about our wonderful Encore feature. We both gravitate to Encore because it is so quick and easy to use. However, it's very interesting the difference in our selected designs or shapes. Lena is much more artistic in her selections where as I am more concerned in picking the perfect shape. Everyone has their own technique!
Also, while in London, Kathy, you and I visited Liberty along with another colleague. Many of you have probably heard of Liberty - they have beautiful fabric, trims, buttons, yarn... We had such a fun time walking around the room - checking out all the different patterns and fabrics. I came home inspired and energized to take my software creativity to the next level.


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