Get a Peek into our Embroidery Software Bag of Tricks!

For the past several years, we have been using embroidery software in SEW many ways. As we have tried new things,we have learned quite a few tips and tricks that make it easy to be creative. Now we are ready to share it with the world.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Getting Ready!!!

Hi Kathy and all our Friends,

The cat's out of the bag. 5D is coming soon and I am so excited!

I have the privilege of writing the classes to train your dealers how to use the 5D Software. I've been writing and stitching like crazy! I'm having so much fun and I can't wait for you to have the opportunity to play in the 5D Software too.

I hope by now you have checked out the 5D micro-site that Kathy told you about last week. There's so much information shown there - including the Ideas and Preview pages!

One of my favorite new features is the multicolor gradient! I can't say any more, except it's great!!!!

I've been embroidering a lot of new embroideries I've created lately. I'm having fun testing my creations and can't wait to share some of the finished samples as I complete them.

Well, back to creating and embroidering. Have a great week!


Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's been awhile

Dear Julie and Friends,

I have received emails from our customers describing their experiences when their computers crash. I can so sympathize with that. Over the past month, I have experienced the pre-crash when nothing is working, the crash, the temporary computer, and now the new computer.

So my public service announcement is: Be ready. When was the last time you backed up your designs, files, pictures, music and all those things you can't be without. Fortunately, I use an external mini drive and my files were backed up. These are relatively inexpensive and can save you a heartache. The other thing is to make sure you have registered your software and keep any product license codes you may have in a safe place. It will make reinstalling so much easier.

Many of our friends may have already seen our software websites announcing the new 5D Software. We are so excited about this new product and I believe our friends will be too. This is like getting ready for Christmas day. This summer we will be able to unwrap this new package. Just like kids, once you unwrap it you are not going to want to stop playing with your new toy.

One of the questions, we are currently being asked in Software Support is: What are the computer specifications required for the 5D System?

PC with Intel processor or equivalent (1 GHz or higher)
Windows 7/Vista/XP
2GB hard disk space
Screen resolution 1024 x 768, 16 million colors
Mouse or drawing tablet
DVD-Rom drive
USB port

Some early launch materials have been posted on the internet.
For our Pfaff friends they can visit
For our Husqvarna Viking friends they can visit
While you are there you can get a preview of some new features in 5D, as well as read some FAQ's.

It's going to be a busy few months while we prepare for this new launch and create exciting projects to share with our customers and dealers. During this time we will also share with our friends some of our experiences.

See you soon!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Final Dress!

Hi Kathy and all of our Friends,

Well, here is Claire in her finished Easter dress! This is at the mall waiting to see the Easter Bunny. Thankfully we went to see the Easter Bunny because she never wore the dress on Easter! My family was sick over the weekend, so I think she'll wear it this coming Sunday - why not right?

I'm currently working on writing lessons about machine stitches. I love to use machine stitches, like I did on Claire's dress, to create unique embroidery designs. I find using the machine stitches, combined with other elements creates very unique designs.

I was also playing around yesterday in Design Creator. I was filling clip art, like this butterfly that comes with the software with Specialty Fills - like a Shape Fill - using a Motif. A motif in the software is like the stitches on the machine. They are just used in a different way!

Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying spring time. We are expecting snow tomorrow, but no accumulation, so I guess it's ok.

Back to more creating!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Walking in Memphis!

Hi Kathy and all our friends,

Well, I spent last week in Memphis, Tennessee for dealer meetings. I flew in a day early to visit my sister - she plays golf for the University of Memphis! She took me on a tour of Memphis. We did a drive by of Graceland and ate lunch at the Rock-N-Roll Cafe across the street.

After lunch, we visited some of the 'Elvis' shops. They had some fun memorabilia from different Elvis events. As we walked around I stumbled on this sign! I couldn't believe that Singer Sewing Machines sponsored an Elvis television concert! Wanted to share the sign with you.

As far as embroidery goes, I had some great conversations with our dealers who sell our embroidery software. Make sure to visit your local dealer because very good information was shared with them at the meetings! The final set of meetings are this week, so visit your dealer soon!

This week is all about Claire's dress as far as sewing goes. Kathy, you and I will be at the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo here in Cleveland Ohio for the end part of the week. If you are in Cleveland for the show, stop by our booth - we will be showing software!

Be back with more inspiring software solutions after the OSQE show!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Letters, Letters, Letters

Hi Kathy and all our friends,

Well, this week I set Claire's dress aside to work on letters! One of my favorite types of embroidery is lettering. I love all the interesting designs you can create with lettering.

One of my girlfriends is having a baby and I wanted to create something special for her and the baby. I looked up her registry to see what the room would be decorated like and started to create an animal quilt with lettering.

I first created my own outline font using the QuickFont Wizard. I only wanted an outline because I wanted to create reverse applique lettering! Here is the letter K. You'll notice the striped fabric is under the brown fleece. I embroidered the letter, then cut out the brown fleece inside the outline of the letter!

I also used the QuickFont Wizard to create the same font, but as a satin letter to create the names of animals to correspond with the outline letter. I then used one of the 21 different Line Types to create the animal to go with the K - Kangaroo.
The last step for each letter was to create a border around the outside of the lettering to frame it. I used 'stitches' from the Machine font category. I created one 'stitch' then Encored it until I got the right look!
I've included the S as well as the N letters for you to see two other line types and border 'stitches'.

The S uses one of my favorite Line Types, Fit to Wavy Line. If you check the Step box, you can curve the letters around something - like I curved the word Snake around the S. It creates a really fun design.

Well, I must get back to my letters. They are quick to stitch out, however I have a lot to do still! Good thing I have a couple of weeks before her baby shower!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Is it spring yet..I sure hope so

Hi Julie and Friends,

I am so ready for spring. Hopefully the last few days of sunshine will last for some time.

I just love Claire's dress. The colors and design are great! You show another great way to use the 4D Software. Will she be wearing an Easter Bonnet?

Claire's dress reminded me of an SOS project we did a while back. We created a smocking design using 4D Sketch. To create a smocking design using 4D Sketch, set the hoop area based on the size of the smocking plate. Just select the stitch you wish to use and use your graphic tablet to draw your stitches. It is a great idea to start on the center vertical gridline and move your pen outwards using the gridline as a template. The best part is that after you draw one line you can copy the line and paste. Then use the horizontal flip so that you do not have long jump stitches. The project goes quite fast after you draw just one line of stitches.

For those that do not know about the SOS, it is a membership program that offers 4D and 3D embroidery support as well as provide many educational benefits such as projects, block of the month program, e-learning opportunities and events, and a monthly newsletter. Julie worked with me on the start of this program and it has become very popular. Julie if any of our friends want more information they can contact their dealer.

Julie you asked about the picture of my dad. I went back into my files and was able to locate the stitch file. Using 4D Organizer I created a picture file that I am posting here. If I was going to stitch this out again, I may take the stitch file into 4D Stitch Editor to remove the background. Using Design Separator I can easily remove those background stitches. This would also eliminate a lot of stitches.

The cars are coming along and I am stitching one out right now. As soon as I have more completed I will share them. Bill can't wait for this to be finished so that I can work on a train project for him. It is good that we can find projects that men love.

Till the next time!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Is it Spring yet?

Hi Kathy and all our friends,

I can’t wait for spring! I’m so looking forward to the pastel colors and spring dresses, yet we still have tons of snow outside!

Kathy, you asked what I’m working on. Well, I’m actually working on an Easter dress for my daughter Claire. I started early, so I will hopefully be done early! It is a high yoke dress pattern. I pleated the top of the skirt and created my own smocking design! I used the Letter tab – Machine category and chose smocking stitches from my machine brand. I chose the stitches by looking at the Sample Guides – Fonts and Shapes to find out what letter resulted in the correct smocking stitch! I then of course used Encore to get the right amount for the pleated area.

Another one of my favorite things to use is Fabric Decorator. It is so easy to create my own ‘fabric’. You will see the cross-hatching in the background behind the bunny and the eggs. That was done using Fabric Decorator. Again, I set my hoop size to the exact size of my pleating minus the smocking stitches I had already created.

Lastly, I created the bunny and eggs using Design Creator. I used Design Creator so I could change the fill patterns. You’ll notice the basket’s bow has a fun fill in it, and the bow on the yellow egg has a radial fill. It’s small and it’s subtle, but it makes it so unique!

Now that I’m done with this design, I’m ready to create my next smocking project. It’s just so fun to create my very own embroidery designs and create such beautiful, unique garments for Claire!

Kathy, how’s the cars wall hanging? I can’t wait to see it!