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Friday, March 12, 2010

Letters, Letters, Letters

Hi Kathy and all our friends,

Well, this week I set Claire's dress aside to work on letters! One of my favorite types of embroidery is lettering. I love all the interesting designs you can create with lettering.

One of my girlfriends is having a baby and I wanted to create something special for her and the baby. I looked up her registry to see what the room would be decorated like and started to create an animal quilt with lettering.

I first created my own outline font using the QuickFont Wizard. I only wanted an outline because I wanted to create reverse applique lettering! Here is the letter K. You'll notice the striped fabric is under the brown fleece. I embroidered the letter, then cut out the brown fleece inside the outline of the letter!

I also used the QuickFont Wizard to create the same font, but as a satin letter to create the names of animals to correspond with the outline letter. I then used one of the 21 different Line Types to create the animal to go with the K - Kangaroo.
The last step for each letter was to create a border around the outside of the lettering to frame it. I used 'stitches' from the Machine font category. I created one 'stitch' then Encored it until I got the right look!
I've included the S as well as the N letters for you to see two other line types and border 'stitches'.

The S uses one of my favorite Line Types, Fit to Wavy Line. If you check the Step box, you can curve the letters around something - like I curved the word Snake around the S. It creates a really fun design.

Well, I must get back to my letters. They are quick to stitch out, however I have a lot to do still! Good thing I have a couple of weeks before her baby shower!


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  1. Great idea Julie, love the animals, not the daily norms!