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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Is it spring yet..I sure hope so

Hi Julie and Friends,

I am so ready for spring. Hopefully the last few days of sunshine will last for some time.

I just love Claire's dress. The colors and design are great! You show another great way to use the 4D Software. Will she be wearing an Easter Bonnet?

Claire's dress reminded me of an SOS project we did a while back. We created a smocking design using 4D Sketch. To create a smocking design using 4D Sketch, set the hoop area based on the size of the smocking plate. Just select the stitch you wish to use and use your graphic tablet to draw your stitches. It is a great idea to start on the center vertical gridline and move your pen outwards using the gridline as a template. The best part is that after you draw one line you can copy the line and paste. Then use the horizontal flip so that you do not have long jump stitches. The project goes quite fast after you draw just one line of stitches.

For those that do not know about the SOS, it is a membership program that offers 4D and 3D embroidery support as well as provide many educational benefits such as projects, block of the month program, e-learning opportunities and events, and a monthly newsletter. Julie worked with me on the start of this program and it has become very popular. Julie if any of our friends want more information they can contact their dealer.

Julie you asked about the picture of my dad. I went back into my files and was able to locate the stitch file. Using 4D Organizer I created a picture file that I am posting here. If I was going to stitch this out again, I may take the stitch file into 4D Stitch Editor to remove the background. Using Design Separator I can easily remove those background stitches. This would also eliminate a lot of stitches.

The cars are coming along and I am stitching one out right now. As soon as I have more completed I will share them. Bill can't wait for this to be finished so that I can work on a train project for him. It is good that we can find projects that men love.

Till the next time!


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