Get a Peek into our Embroidery Software Bag of Tricks!

For the past several years, we have been using embroidery software in SEW many ways. As we have tried new things,we have learned quite a few tips and tricks that make it easy to be creative. Now we are ready to share it with the world.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Nice to Meet You!

Hi Kathy and hi world! I’m so excited to start this blog with you on our experiences with something we both love – Embroidery Software!

I began using the Husqvarna Viking Professional Plus software while attending Kent State University in the Fashion Design degree program. I was working on an embroidery research project with one of my professors. We began by studying hand embroidery techniques for one semester. It was very interesting to learn how to hand embroider because I had already done machine embroidery and WOW the difference! Hand is much harder but I learned to appreciate the awesomeness of embroidery machines.

The second semester was to focus on embroidery machines as well as embroidery software. We had one copy of the Husqvarna Viking Professional Plus software with the lpt dongle – those of you who may remember this one, it was BIG and black and plugged into your computer like an old printer cable. The professor I was working with had used the software a couple of times, so we sat down and taught ourselves how to digitize…..

I am still involved with embroidery software today because thankfully digitizing is MUCH EASIER now. I created the embroidery to go on my wedding gown using flowers from an existing Husqvarna Viking embroidery collection and ‘stems’ I created in Digitizing Plus. I literally ‘clicked’ my heart out to create Satin Columns for the dress. In the end, I created exactly what I wanted and that’s why I love embroidery software. The picture shows a close up of the top and side panels.

I stated with Husqvarna Viking after graduating and thankfully I received more training on using the software.

What was your first experience with embroidery software?


  1. I started by going through the tutorials but it took me a while to actually stitch out anything!

  2. When they say ignorance is bliss I found out how true that is.
    I was taking a class at a Viking store and we had to do an embroidery on the inside of a jacket.....because we can as sewers. I didn't know at the time that it should have been an open design because it was going on lining fabric. I stitched out a cross stitch design of sewing mice. It came out beautiful. Everyone was surprised that it came out so well with no puckers on the thin lining fabric. I guess with not knowing what is normal I wasn't afraid and went ahead and did it. Today it would probably be a different story with the more I learn.

  3. I just got mine and still haven't figured it out. I wish I could take a class.
    I would like a printed manual rather than one in the software so I could
    follow along each step on the screen